About us

With almost a decade in the logbook loan industry, Payday Vault Loans have the experience, the presence, the reach and the commitment to meet all your logbook loan needs. We continue to improve our services and to assist as many UK citizens as possible get access to affordable logbook loans. Our entry into the UK market was informed by the need to offer bad credit individuals with an alternative especially when applying for a loan facility. Our core aim is to make the process of applying for a logbook loan as simple as possible considering the many bottlenecks that those with a poor credit history go through.

Our customer personnel are our face, our identity and one of the reasons as to why we have been able to scale the ladders over the years to become a top provider of logbook loans. We invest in highly trained customer personnel who ascribe to total quality management principles, continuous improvement not to mention going beyond the call of duty to ensure that all the needs of our customers are met.

Our aim is to ensure that you make informed decisions at all times every time you apply for a logbook loan. It is for this reason that we endeavour to tell our customers everything there is about logbook loans with the sole aim of ensuring that the decisions they make are informed and in their best interests. Faster approvals, affordable deals, and top notch customer service describe us as a top logbook loan provider.