Welcome to Payday Vault Loans

Are you fed up with never-ending disappointments every time you seek for a loan facility? Have you been looking for a loan product that doesn’t take your credit score into consideration? Do you have a history of county court judgments and wondering if you can be accepted for any loan facility? Well, worry no more as Payday Vault Loans has got you covered. We understand that thousands of UK individuals find themselves in unfamiliar grounds whenever they seek for a loan because their credit rating is unattractive.

While high street banks and mainstream financial lenders want nothing to do with you, here at Payday Vault Loans, we welcome you with open arms. We know that we live in difficult times where the rate of unemployment is climbing and the cost of living very high. We also know that you might be struggling to meet your bills owing to the difficult and escalating cost of living. That notwithstanding, we also believe that everybody deserves a second chance and that is why we do not deny our customers a loan facility based on the financial mistakes they made in the past.

Welcome to Payday Vault Loans where you are accepted the way you are without being judged on the state of your credit score. We offer you affordable logbook loans anytime you make an application provided that you are eligible to apply. Well, if you’ve been wondering how to go about it, we can tell you without any fear of contradiction that applying for our logbook loans is as simple as ABC. For one, all you need to qualify is to have ownership of a car. In essence, a logbook loan is secured against your car. What essentially happens is that when we approve your logbook loan application, we keep your car logbook for the duration of the loan while you continue making use of your car.

In this way, if you were using your car for commercial purposes, then a logbook loan is ideal for you as it allows you to use the car you’ve set up as collateral to generate income while repaying your loan. That aside, we also require that you be a United Kingdom citizen before we can consider you for a logbook loan. Secondly, you need to be an adult of sound mind and above the age of 18 years. The above-mentioned requirements are the most basic when applying for a logbook loan. In addition to that, your car needs to not have been in use for a period exceeding 10 years.

We will also ask you to show us or provide us with proof that you are in employment or rather receiving an income on a regular basis. If you are in self-employment, copies of your bank statements up to six months are a requirement. Copies of your utility bills to ascertain proof of address are also a requirement not to mention a Ministry of Transport (MOT) Certificate for your vehicle.

At Payday Vault Loans, we are committed to not only being your reliable partner when it comes to logbook loans but also ensuring that you get the best of services. We endeavour to educate you on the benefits of taking out a logbook loan, the risks associated with the same and also to ensure that you make prudent financial decisions. For that reason, we have been able to partner with Money Advice for the purposes of ensuring that you know everything there is concerning your finances and how to indeed make prudent financial decisions. We encourage you to try us today and we promise you fast approval, affordable logbook loans, efficient customer service not to mention around the clock financial advice.