Warning: Failure to meet your repayments may result in further financial issues. For help and assistance, visit moneyadviceservice.org.uk.
1223.6% representative APR
Representative Example: For a period of 34 days, you may borrow £270. The total charge for credit equates to £73.44. Interest rate 0.8% per day equating to 292% per annum (fixed). Total repayable by the applicant equals £343.44. Representative APR 1223.6%
Subject to approval of the lender. Not all lenders are able to provide up to £1000.

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With a loyal customer base, 24/7 No Fax Payday Loans can help you to find the most appropriate loan for your circumstances. Our team of lenders are both transparent and trusted, offering short term loans from £50 to £1000. Though we have vetted our lenders to help provide you with the best rates, you may be able to find a more suitable lender through independent research.

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Direct Payday Lenders

Going through direct payday lenders can prove to be a sensible and convenient option for when you are having trouble covering the costs of unexpected financial expenses. They are designed to be paid back very quickly (by your next payday), therefore they should not be seen as a solution to long term financial debt, or any existing debts that may have occurred. If you fail to make the repayments for these loans, then it can land you in further financial trouble.

Before applying for an instant short term loan, make sure it will be possible for you to pay the money back once your next payday comes in. If it isn’t possible to make these payments, it may be possible to defer the payments temporarily but if not, it can have a negative effect on your credit rating and will affect the ability to apply for instant short term loans in the future.

The application process is simple, and once completed it is put forward to direct payday lenders who then consider it. They often run credit check through independent credit reference agencies to see if you are a good candidate and will be able to make the payments. Direct payday lenders are usually very fast with their decision on your application and if your application is accepted, then it’s possible for the money to be in your account on the very same day you applied for the loan.

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Short Term Loans

Instant Short term loans can provide a way to cover any unexpected financial troubles before your next payday through direct payday lenders. They may be suitable for those experiencing unexpected expenses and those who need funds urgently. It is common for unexpected costs to come up every now and again. They can be in the form of MOTs, high bill costs or other things that you haven’t budgeting for that just crop up suddenly. Instant payday loans offer a quick way to get the money needed to cover these unexpected expenses. These instant payday loans are short term as they provide temporary cover and are designed to help you through to your next pay day.

Direct payday lenders can also offer you a better APR offer than most traditional loans. Because it is a short term loan, it is more likely for the APR to be lower than an annual loan. This means that actual money that you end up paying to the direct payday lenders is smaller than the cost of an annual loan. This helps you to be able to more effectively budget the repayments of this loan, making it a more manageable affair.

It is still possible, if you have a bad credit rating, for you to get approval for a loan. Direct payday lenders understand that these kinds of unforeseen expenses can affect anyone so everyone should be entitled to a loan. There are direct payday lenders out there who take on clients with bad credit, but it is often the case that these people may have a higher representative APR on their loan agreements, to cover for the increased likelihood of repayment difficulties.